If you submit an event, registration, or experience request and it is denied by an administrator, you may have the ability to resubmit the request without starting a new request from scratch.

First, make sure you have adjusted your notifications so that you are notified when your requests are approved or denied. When an administrator makes the decision to deny your submission, you will receive the notification either in your system inbox, via email, or both. The notification will let you know your request has been denied and will show you if the administrator has left any specific comments about what might need to be changed about your submission. At the bottom of the notification, you will see an action button, such as "View Event Submission" or "Re-submit your Experience".

Email Notification



System Notification


When you click on the action button, depending on the type of submission, you will either be taken directly to re-edit and resubmit the submission, or you will be taken to a screen like the one below. If you see a screen as shown below, click "Resubmit" to go to your submission.  


You will then be taken back to your submission with all original fields filled in. Make any necessary changes and resubmit to administrators for approval. 

Note that resubmitting requests that have been denied is only available for events, registrations, and experiences. If you have forms or finance requests that are denied, you will need to begin a new submission.

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