We know many campuses are considering how to offer a virtual experience for their upcoming summer or fall orientation sessions. We've put together the following recommendations and step-by-step instructions on how to use Engage to connect your students with resources and information. Please reach out to your consultant for more information and guidance on using Engage for your orientation!


  • Import all new students into Engage
  • Create organization: Summer Orientation 2020
    • Alternate: Create Orientation Pages for distinct groups – major, residence , transfer, athlete, etc.
  • Involvement Import: Add orientation students to SO2020 org
  • Optional: Use Position Templates to designate any distinctions within the group – major, residence, transfer, etc.
  • Create a Position Template for Orientation Leaders to distinguish them from students
  • Communicate with students about orientation organization(s)
    • Options
      • Share News Post with organization members
      • Organization messaging (can message specific Positions if needed)
      • Send users link to Engage site home page (beneficial if you want to introduce them to other elements of the system)
      • Send users link to Summer Orientation 2020 organization page (URL at top of page)
    • Use Organization page to interact and communicate with group throughout summer

Additional Recommendations

  • Create recurring organization events to bring students together at key points over the weekend, week, summer, etc.
  • Embed videos into forms to guide students through specific trainings (like this example from University of South Carolina)
  • Use Event Categories if students have options for events/trainings they can attend so they can search for specific events within a given category
  • Use Self-Report attendance URL or attendance imports to track participation
  • Use alerts to help students navigate to important campus information

Next Steps

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