Engage's form creator can ensure responses follow a particular format, including phone number, date, time and e-mail address, using a validation setting.

After creating a text entry form question, re-open it to add a validation (also called pattern restriction). Select the checkbox next to "Pattern" and choose how you would like the response validated. 

Your pattern options and their validation descriptions are listed below: 


Validation Setting

State (US)

Enter a valid state abbreviation.

Zip Code (US)

Enter a valid zip code. 


Enter a valid phone number in one of the following formats: (425) 555-0123, 425-555-0123, 425 555 0123, OR 1-425-555-0123.

E-mail Address

Enter a valid email address.


Enter a date in the following format: 12/12/2001

Decimal Number

Enter a positive number.

Integer Range 1-150

Enter a number from 1 - 150.

Time of Day

Enter a time between 12:00 and 11:59.

Postal Code (Canada)

Enter a valid Canada postal code.


Enter a valid URL.

Submitters who do not enter an answer in the correct format will be prompted with information about the required format.

The screenshot displays the error for a form that does not meet its validation. The screenshot has the problematic fields highlighted with an explanation to the user describing what they missed.

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