Whether quickly reviewing upcoming events, quickly navigating to an event that needs to be modified, or assessing the sorts of events that have taken place, administrators sometimes have need to review events in a different format than the public Explore Events Directory. 

Using the Branch Events List

The branch Events List is a filterable view of all posted events in a given Administrative Branch. Only Branch Administrators and Community Administrators with a minimum of Events full access have access to this feature. To navigate to your branch's Events List, use the switchboard to navigate to the Manage view, then select your branch. Choose the "Events List" button. 

a screenshot displaying the branch Events list, including filters by date and Event theme

This page lists all posted events in the branch, including cancelled events. Use the date and theme filters to quickly determine a count of events meeting your criteria, or use the search feature to quickly find a specific event.

Choosing the "Create Event" button on this page will prompt you to type the name of a hosting organization, and initiate the event submission process. Clicking on the name of an event in this list will bring you directly to the event's Manage view, allowing you to send invitations, review RSVPs, track attendance, cancel the event and more. Alternatively, select the arrow icon to open the event in its public Explore view. 

Using the Community Event List

The community Event List displays all events across all branches and regardless of cancellation status. Only Community Administrators with a minimum of Events full access have access to this feature. To navigate to your community event list, use the switchboard to navigate to the Admin view, then select the Events drop down and choose "Event List." 

a screenshot of the admin event list with a selector dropdown open displaying additional options for the identified event

From this page, the administrators can directly hop into an event submission on behalf of any organization, or search for an event and use the selector icon to change the event's categories, cancel the event, view its certificate and more. 

Reporting Features

Don't forget about our Reports tool - pull information about Event Submissions and Events that you can freely slice and dice to better understand your campus community.

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