Enable a reviewer workflow on a form to allow each listed reviewer to review the form in a pre-determined order. Note that only forms with an enabled approval process can have reviewer workflow enabled. 

Configuring Reviewer Workflow

To add reviewer workflow to a community form, first switch to the Admin section of Engage. Select "Forms" from the Configure drop down and choose the "Properties" button for the applicable form. 

To add reviewer workflow to an organization form, first switch to the Manage section of Engage. Select the hosting organization and choose "Forms" from the organization tool menu. Choose "Properties" for the desired form.

From this page, you can toggle the Reviewer Workflow feature on or off for the form. Enabling the reviewer workflow will allow you to specify the order in which each Reviewer added to the form will be given access to any given form submission. 

Click on the Reviewers tab. Add reviewers as desired. Once reviewers are added, assign them a reviewer level. There can be as many reviewer levels as there are voting reviewers, or you can assign multiple reviewers to one level. Reviewers can each only be in one level of the workflow. Save the page to effect your changes. 

How does Reviewer Workflow work?

Once a submission is entered on the form, only reviewers at "Level 1" will receive a notification of the new form submission. These Level 1 reviewers are now able to read the submission, make comments on the submission and recommend the submission for approval or denial using a thumbs up/thumbs down choice on the submission, but unless they have community-wide access to the Forms feature, they are not able to make the final approval/denial of the submission.

Once all Level 1 reviewers have reviewed the submission, the Level 2 reviewers are notified of the submission and now have access to read, comment and review it. This process is then repeated for each subsequent reviewer level. 

The community form can only be approved by a user with full community-wide access to the Forms tool. and the organization form can only be approved by a user with full Forms access within the hosting organization (or a community administrator with full access to the Forms tool). Approval or denial does not require completion of all workflow steps. 

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