Branch and Community administrators can create position terms for specific position templates, prompting holders of that position to agree to a set of terms in order for their organization to be shown as in compliance with institution policy. 

Users who hold a position template with affiliated position terms will receive an email notification prompting them to review their position terms after any of the following events takes place:

  • The position terms are first configured
  • The position terms are reset
  • The user is added to the position with attached position terms
  • An organization leader or administrator notifies the user that they are out of compliance with their position terms

Users can also review their position terms agreement by opening their user drawer and selecting Memberships. Any position under this tab with unaccepted terms will be displayed with a prompt to review the associated terms. 


Reviewing the terms provides the user with the full description of the terms they are agreeing to, including the date the terms were last modified by an administrator.


Once the user has accepted a position's terms, rather than see an alarm to review the terms on their Memberships page, they instead simply see a link to the terms and date stamp of agreement. If the terms have been modified since the initial agreement date but not reset, the user will also be able to compare the current agreement with the agreement they accepted, and choose to agree to the new terms. 


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