Our Campus Profiles highlight stories of specific campuses with strong campus adoption, and each of the steps they took to get there. 

Located in Marietta, Georgia with a total enrollment of just under 3,000 students, Life University is an excellent case study of strong and quick Engage adoption at a small private institution. Having migrated to Engage in 2017, in just two years this campus made exceptional progress by leveraging both students and campus partners to expand adoption. 

Creating an On-Campus Presence with Student Representatives

Life University created a team of student employees responsible for building student adoption of Engage across campus. These students employee strategies such as:

  • Regularly tabling and passing out promotional items for Engage
  • Handing out prizes for students with their Event Pass downloaded
  • Hosting weekly Engage Challenges (attached below) based on event attendance and pathway participation

Each of these student leaders also has a concentration area, such as Student Organization Members or New Students. The student works directly with the Campus Activities Coordinator to brainstorm strategies specific to engaging their specific target audience. 

Inviting Campus Partners to an Engage-related Committee

Life University's Campus Activities office created a committee called "Pathway Partners," inviting campus partners to participate in overseeing the design, construction, and maintenance of a First Year Pathway. Each partner oversees their own domain's design, which reflects all of the different services and events that partner offers that are targeted to first year students. This committee in turn is also able to use information from Engage to identify when there's too much overlap in programming or there is a gap, allowing them to plan programming more collaboratively. Campus partners appreciate the opportunity to see data in context and participate more efficiently and with greater cohesion. 

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