Assign position terms & conditions to position templates to request that position holders agree to a provided statement for their position. These statements can be written by branch administrators, applied to select position templates, and customized per position template. Administrators can then easily view which organizations' position holders are all in compliance with the configured position terms & conditions through the branch organization list, and notify any position holders who are out of compliance. 

Learn more about how to configure and review compliance of position terms below. To learn more about how to agree to position terms that have already been configured, refer to Agreeing to Position Terms.

Configuring Position Terms

Each position template can have its own unique position terms & conditions. To configure a position template's terms & conditions, first navigate to the Action Center of your branch and open Position Templates. Select the desired position template. Next, choose the "Terms & Conditions" tab. Use the text box on this page to enter any terms you would like to require holders of this position template to acknowledge.


To enable the requirement, select the option for "Require Terms and Acceptance." Selecting this option and updating the page will trigger all current holders of the position to receive an email prompting them to accept their terms & conditions. Any time a user is added to this position in the future, they will also receive an email with a link to accept the position terms. Organizations with position template holders who have not accepted their terms & conditions will appear in the branch organization list with a warning sign. Unchecking this item will disable the feature for this position template, effectively archiving records of acceptance. 

If at any point you would like the holders of this position template to re-agree to the position terms & conditions, you can navigate back to this area and choose "Reset Terms and Conditions Acceptance." All holders of this position template will then be notified by email with a prompt to agree to the terms & conditions. If they do not agree to the terms & conditions, their organization will be displayed in the organization list with a warning sign. If the terms & conditions have been updated without choosing the "Reset" option, users will not be prompted to agree to the new terms. Instead, their membership will hold a record of the terms & conditions that they agreed to, and they will have the option to agree to the new terms & conditions if desired.

This page also lists the most recent user who has updated the position template's terms & conditions. 

Reviewing Organization Compliance with Position Terms & Conditions

Organization leaders can review which members have agreed to their position terms by navigating to their organization roster and choosing the "Terms & Conditions" tab. From here they can also re-notify individual users or all users who have not yet completed their position terms & conditions. 


A branch or community administrator can also bulk review the organizations that are in or out of compliance with position terms & conditions using the branch Organization List. Organizations with position holders who have not yet agreed to their position terms & conditions will appear on the organization list with a warning flag. Additionally, the organization list itself can also be filtered to show only organizations that are out of compliance with position terms. Selecting the options indicator for a non-compliant organization and choosing "Terms & Conditions" will route the administrator directly to managing the organization's roster, where they can use the same notification steps as an organization leader. 


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