Each administrative branch in Engage has its own Organization List showing the organization status and organization type of each organization within the branch. 

To view to the organization list of the branch, first navigate to the "Manage" view of Engage using the Switchboard. If you have access to the branch, it will be prominently featured on this page. Upon selecting the branch, choose "Organization List" from the displayed list. 

The Organization List can also be filtered by organization status and organization type. You can also manually create a new organization and change one or more organizations' type and status from this page using the three selector dots on the right side of the page. 

Selecting on an Organization's name in the Organization List will bring you to the administrator's edit view for the organization, which permits you access to certain administrative features such as assigning organization categories. If you would like to access the organization's action center or explore page, you can use the three selector dots next to the organization's name to navigate to these views instead. 

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