Branding of your Engage community is a key portion of marketing your site and preparing it for launch to your campus. This includes selecting a community logo, the site accent color, and uploading cover photos for the public facing side of the site. Included below you will find several examples of well branded communities. Talk to your consultant if you are interested in learning more about how campuses brand their community.


AU Involve - Auburn University


Auburn University's cover photo randomly selects between a variety of photos showcasing what involvement looks like on campus. We also like how the icon next to their community name stands out and adds color to every page! 


Coastal Connections - Coastal Carolina University


Check out how this page catches the eye with consistent colors between the community logo, accent color, and cover photo! 

 Cougar Connect - College of Charleston


Selecting a name is tough! While some campuses choose broader names connected to the concept of Engagement or Involvement, many campuses select a name representing their campus mascot and combine it with a general word such as "Hub," "Involvement" or "Link." We also like how this campus ensures that its campus department created programs use their own cover photos, adding variety to the logged-in view of the home page. 

 HampEngage - Hampshire College


This campus elected to create a colorful logo incorporating their bright accent color, which contrast beautifully on their cover photos, each of which display their distinct and creative campus culture. We also love how they chose a large font size for this logo, standing out and making each page more colorful (and accessible!)

myInvolvement - McGill University 


Notice how this campus includes both its community name and its campus name within its community logo, which is perfectly color-matched to their accent color! Plus, check out how their pinned alerts helpfully provide campus information while also adding color and balance to the logged-in view of their home page. 

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