Primary Contacts hold key roles in Engage organizations. Every organization must have a Primary Contact identified. 

Primary Contacts have two major forms of organization access: 

  • Full access to all organization tools
  • Receive all inquiries from the organization's "Contact" buttons


Although primary contacts do not need to complete an organization's registration form, whichever user who submits a registration form that is approved by an administrator will automatically become the new primary contact of the organization. This ensures that all organization inquiries will go to the most relevant recent contact for the organization. Primary contacts can also be assigned directly by an organization officer with full access to the roster, or by an administrator

Primary Contacts will typically hold additional positions within their organization. Although Engage will not require primary contacts to hold a specific position within their organization, some campuses provide additional guidance to their student organizations on who the ideal primary contact might be, whereas for campus departments this answer could be more obvious.

For many campuses, the ideal student organization primary contact might be the organization President, who presumably is permitted to have the highest degree of access within an organization. For larger organizations, it may be more appropriate to select a Communication Coordinator or similar role as the primary contact, who is managing other forms of incoming communication as well. A small number of campuses might prefer to restrict this access only to trained staff, placing organization advisors into this role instead. Talk to your consultant to learn how to best translate your current process to suit this role. 

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