While we are all familiar with the academic transcript, we tend to be a little less familiar with its younger sibling– sometimes called the co-curricular record. In this webinar, we cover the history of this tool and its evolving role in higher education. Tune in to learn from two Campus Labs Awards Collaborator winners, William Paterson University and Western Michigan University, about how they leverage these features on campus. Both campuses also use the Co-Curricular Paths tool to guide students through their campus co-curricular experiences.

Western Michigan University documents completion of the "WMU Signature Program" not only through the student's co-curricular record, but also, thanks to a long-standing campus wide collaboration, on the student's diploma itself. William Paterson University describes its program to students around the concept of badging, with each Path and domain individually branded. In the webinar below, each campus will describe how they made these fantastic programs a reality as well as detail their ongoing management. 

A PDF copy of this webinar is also available below for reference.

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