During the submission review process you may need to change a small detail or correct an error in the submission on behalf of student prior to approval. Branch, Forms Full, and All Access users can revise event submission information.

Revise Submission

To begin revising a pending submission, click on the new action link on the submission review page: EDIT SUBMISSION. The EDIT SUBMISSION action is located directly above the "APPROVE" action in the right hand side "Approval" container.

close up of edit submission link

After reviewing the current state of the form submission, and making any edits desired, the user will land on the REVIEW SUBMISSION screen.

submission confirmation and review page

It is highly encouraged that admins enter detailed information outlining the revisions made to the form submission.

The comments entered here will be preserved in the submission discussion history and will be visible to all users with the ability to see the submission.

Review Revision Submission

Once the user has completed their revisions, added a comment and re-submitted the form submission, the user will be presented with an updated submission detail screen. The submission detail screen calls out in the form detail section that the event has been revised and by whom.

submission details page with revision information



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