Part of preparing for migration is sharing the news with your campus community. In addition to checking out the fantastic resources shared by Grand Valley State and Emory University, you can also use the form email below as a starting point when drafting your own communications about migrations. Simply fill in the blanks and adjust as needed! 

OrgSync Becomes [Platform Name] on [Date]

This new organization platform is streamlined for easy use, yet contains numerous new features for major impact. As part of a continued effort to provide you with the tools you need to be successful at [Institution], we are excited to announce that we will be moving from OrgSync to [Platform Name] as our student engagement solution this [Season/Timeframe].


[Platform Name]’s tools empower you to discover opportunities and take charge of your co-curricular involvement, all while providing user-friendly organization management and communication tools.  Many of the best features of OrgSync have been incorporated into the new and improved platform and several key improvements will enable you to comprehensively manage your involvement outside the classroom in one place.


  • OrgSync will go offline on [Date].
  • If there is any information you might need access to during the transition, I encourage you to download and save the data to your own device or online storage system BEFORE [Date]
  • [Platform Name will go live [Date]. 
    • At that time, users can access the new system at [Platform URL] and sign-in using their campus sign-in credentials.
      • Please note, during your first sign-in you may be asked to update your user profile information.
  • All Registered Student Organizations will have access to their pages at this time as well.
    • Please note: Organization contacts will be asked to re-register their organizations and complete new [Platform Name] forms [time frame]. Full details about this will come soon.
  • Existing OrgSync organization and user information will be transferred to [Platform Name] including:


  • Keep an eye on your email for additional updates including fall training dates on how to best use the new [Platform Name] system.
  • Watch a training on Engage to get familiar with the tools it offers.

More details will be provided in the coming weeks. In the interim, if you have any questions, please contact [contact information].

Thanks for you cooperation during this transition!

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