Although many students will complete organization registration because it is mandatory and easy to do on Engage, we all struggle with that subsection of students who need just a few extra reminders. Our "Tips & Tricks: Roster Organization and Management" article provides some ideas related to timing your registration period for success, but sometimes there is no perfect timing for registration, or registration is at the perfect time, but you still can't quite coax all of your organizations to get online and complete the form. 

In these cases, a great marketing campaign is exactly what you need to pull students attention to the issue at hand. We love the campaigns Gonzaga University has organized to drive students towards organization registration:


In addition to being a humorous and subtle reference to National Geographic, this poster helpfully lists each step of registration for students. At Gonzaga, students start the registration process by completing a transition form hosted on Zagtivities (Engage) first where they reflect on their experiences for the benefit of future officers. During a necessary transition meeting, students are then directed to the registration from to complete the process together. 



Similarly, the 2018 Gonzaga Registration campaign includes both a call to action of the three steps to re-registering an organization as well as contact information and dates at the bottom. As Joey Sammut, the Associate Director of the Center for Student Involvement at Gonzaga University said, "Register - so you don't get in a pickle!" Fun puns and campaigns like these keep the message memorable. 

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