We’ve integrated the Campus Labs budgeting tools, available since 2014, into the Engage user experience. Administrators at member campuses currently using budgeting can proactively switch to the Engage user experience from the information panel in the current budgeting user interface. 

All ongoing and past budgeting processes and submissions will be seamlessly moved into the Engage user experience in their current state when a member campus makes the switch.

Integrated into the Engage user interface

All of the current functionality of the Budgeting tool are available in the Engage experience.

Budget process creation and editing is available to Finance Full administrators under the Finance menu in the Admin area of Engage.

Organization leaders with Finance Full permissions can create budget requests from the Finance menu in their organization in the Manage area of Engage.

Individuals who create budget requests can create and review those requests from the Submissions area of the User Drawer.

Budget workflow reviewers and Finance View/Full admins can review submissions from the home page of the Manage area of Engage.

Line item support documentation uploads

Budgeting process administrators can allow or require supporting documentation (price quotes, event details, etc…) to be uploaded to line item submissions. Each line item category can be individually controlled allowing admins the ability to determine which categories will allow or require supporting documentation uploads.

Enable supporting document upload

Once uploaded, submission reviewers will be able to review the documents from their review screens.

Allocate funds upon budget approval

Submission approvers with Finance Full permissions in Engage can elect to create allocations for each budget line item into the submitting organization’s finance account upon approval of the budget submission, reducing the time and effort it requires to immediately recognize the effect of the budgeting process in organization accounts.

Approval popup with allocation after approval enabled

Add submission reviewer, based on position templates

In addition to selecting specific users as step reviewers in the approval workflow, budgeting administrators can also define a position template that should be added as a reviewer for a specific step. When enabled, whomever holds the selected position (i.e. Faculty Advisor, Treasurer, etc…) in the submitting organization at the time of the submission being moved into the review step will be added as a reviewer and notified about the submission.

Budgeting administrators are required to identify a backup reviewer who will be added as a reviewer to submissions from organizations that do not have anyone assigned to the selected position template at the time that the submission is moved into the workflow step in question.

Workflow step editor popup with position template reviewer selected

Link purchase requests to approved line items

Organization leaders with Finance Full permissions can identify which approved budget line item a purchase request refers to by linking them during the purchase request creation process. Linking the purchase request to a line item will pre-populate the basic information from the budget line item to the purchase request submission and adds a link on the purchase request submission back to the linked line item, which reviewers of the purchase request can access during review.

Purchase request creators are informed how their request total compares against the linked line item’s approved amount.

animation depicting steps to link a line item to a purchase request

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