As a user, you have the power to manage how your name appears on Engage. Your campus has configured a default name for you based on the name provided to your Student Information System. If you need to change your first or last name, it’s always best to start this process in your student information system, as that system typically informs all other systems on campus. However, if for any reason you are not able to change your name in the Student Information System, Engage will also allow you to override the default name your campus has listed for you with a name of your own identification.

Changing Your Name

The first time you log into Engage you will be prompted to add some additional information to complete your account profile. This includes the ability to set your own name in Engage if you do not want to use the name pre-populated for you by your campus (“institution-provided name”). The name you enter here should be the name you use in your day to day life – remember that your name is how other users will search for you to add you to organizations and more. Once you edit your name in Engage, your campus will not be able to change it again through automated systems – a campus administrator will need to manually reset your name.

If you need to change your name at a later date, you can do so under your User Profile. Click on your initial or photo in the top right of the screen and select Account. Your Name is among the first fields you can edit.

Who Can See Your Legal or Institution-provided Name?

If you identify your name, that name will appear on all Explore and Manage views of Engage. This means that a typical user will not have any access or visibility to the name your campus provided for you. Note that other users may still be able to see your email address depending on your privacy settings and their degree of access.

A limited subset of administrators may have access to view your legal and/or institution-provided name within the administrative User List. These administrators can also search by your legal and institution-provided names in the User List. Your legal and/or institution-provided name will not appear on any processes within Engage, such as rosters, registration, event approvals, finance requests, and reports.

There is only one exception to this: if an administrator pulls your Co-Curricular Transcript on your behalf, they can elect to save the transcript under your legal name rather than the name you identified. This is to support campuses who consider the co-curricular transcript to be official university record.  

Help! My Name Changed!

If you have edited your name and noticed it change to something else in the system, we recommend contacting your campus administrator for more information. If you have not changed your name and noticed it change to something else, this is normal and could be a result of a change in how your name is listed in other systems - you will also reach out to a campus administrator in this case for more details.

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