Event Categories are customizable tags on events that can be used to filter the Event Directory, pull reports on specific Events, and as criteria in Co-Curricular Paths. When an administrator creates an event category, they can identify if the category should be assignable by anyone on campus or if its use should be restricted to administrators. If an event category is not restricted, it can be assigned to the event as part of the event submission or change request process. 

If a user has full community access to events or is an all-access community administrator, they can also add categories to an existing event without a submission.

  1. First, navigate to your community admin tools by clicking the Switchboard icon and then Admin. Access the Event list by clicking the Events dropdown and then Event List. From the Event List, you can search for past and future approved Events.

  2. Click on the selector icon to the right of the event and choose "Categories."

  3. You can now select the plus button on a category to add it to the event or the "X" button in the next column to remove a category from the event. 

Your selections will be automatically saved on this page. 



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