Engage creates two distinct IDs for events once they have been created. While these may not be integral for general users, they can be important in certain forms of reporting, especially for users of the Engage API. 

Event ID

The Event ID is the ID that is used in the application code of Engage to identify the event and display it in the appropriate locations. It is also the ID that is used in the URL path of a specific event.


External ID

The External ID for an event has been used in the past as the primary identification for events in outward-facing user interfaces as a security (via obscurity) strategy. Sometimes displayed as "ID" or "Event ID" these External IDs have made the application confusing to some users who rely on event identification for cross-referencing.

Beginning on November 9th, 2018 pages that list events in the administrative area of the platform began to display both the Event ID and External ID.


Beginning on November 12th, 2018 event-related exports now contain both Event ID and External ID for each event.



External ID Retirement

We plan to retire the External ID concept to simplify the platform after a period of adjustment for members who have used this ID for cross-reference in the past.

If your workflow uses identification numbers for events, please use the Event ID rather than the External ID.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Both the Event ID and the External ID have always been available via API endpoints. Both IDs will remain available and this update should not require a change in member campus application code running with the API.


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