Many of our campuses work hard to create marketing campaigns for their Engage platforms that involve consistent branding and diversified ways of communicating Engage to students. This article highlights Stockton University's "OspreyHub" (the branded name of their Engage site) and the various marketing strategies they have used to promote their community and increased involvement among students! After deciding upon the tagline "Involvement Begins Here," the Office of Student Development asked the Graphics and Production departments to support the effort by creating a simple, to-the-point design that could be used throughout the year. Here are some of our favorite highlights from their efforts:

First, Stockton has created a video commercial quickly advertising an overview of Engage and it's benefits. In just 30 seconds, they are able to hook students into learning more about the platform. This video was promoted on social media, used during the office's introduction to new students during Welcome Week programming, and used at the beginning-of-year faculty welcome. Using this video, the office was able to quickly explain the value of their Engage platform to students, faculty, and staff across campus, bringing on board over 20 new departments and areas of campus life into Engage. We love this idea of creating a quick video that is specific to your campus' community and branding! Check out their video for inspiration.

In addition to their video, they have created numerous marketing resources including booklets and posters that are in keeping with their overall brand and tagline. The booklets were handed out at the faculty welcome at the beginning of the year to introduce faculty members to the purpose of Engage. As you can see, all of their materials point to their unique URL for their Engage community.


In addition to printed materials, they have made use of this same branding across other materials as well. The name tags (pictured below) were used at the Get Involved Fair to allow students to showcase the many ways in which they are involved across campus. Student leaders were then encouraged to take their stickers and place them on other belongings, such as laptops and folders.  The buttons shown below were also given to student leaders and other high-profile students such as RAs and student ambassadors to promote OspreyHub during campus-wide involvement events like Welcome Week and the Get Involved Fair.


When you navigate to the website provided in all of their marketing materials, you can see how they have branded their Engage community to be in keeping with their other efforts! This allows students to be sure they have landed in the right place using logo and color recognition. Notice how they have also chosen a bright and engaging photo as the cover photo of the community!


We hope you see the value in a department-wide marketing effort like the one Stockton has implemented, and we hope you will utilize some of their ideas to improve marketing efforts on your campus.

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