Are you about to begin your transition from OrgSync to Engage? Wondering how to get the word out to your students to prepare them for what's to come? We're excited to share with you the incredible resources created by Grand Valley State University (GVSU). This campus did a fantastic job proactively creating and communicating information to share with students, and we encourage you to take any ideas shared in this article as you prepare for your own transition!

Preparing your Campus for the Transition

One of our favorite strategies GVSU utilized was to create a landing page on their institution's website to communicate information about migration. They used this landing page to redirect folks who were trying to look for OrgSync right before they made the transition. 


Notice that they chose to include an introduction to the transition, along with contact information to provide students a connection point during the process. They also provided their new logo and a timeline to increase transparency about the process. The "Go to LakerLink" button replaced a "Continue to OrgSync" button as soon as the official migration occurred.

Student Organization Support

In addition, professionals at GVSU created a Student Organization Support webpage to easily connect students to need-to-know information about Engage. They even created their own tutorial videos for both general students and student leaders. In addition to their tutorial videos, they provided quick links to articles from the Engage Help Desk that would be most relevant to users to help them easily learn the new system.


Communication Examples

GVSU also took the initiative to proactively communicate to both students and involved advisors, faculty, and staff about the transition and what to expect via emails and newsletters. In the spring before their summer migration, they used the following message to announce the future of their student engagement platform. They also creatively developed a training specific to helping student leaders "pack up" their OrgSync organization pages to prepare for a smooth and successful transition to Engage.


GVSU also used the summertime to send a bi-weekly newsletter, the Executive Board Must-Reads, to keep students in the loop about the timeline and ways to prepare for the migration. Notice that in the newsletter shown below, students were instructed on steps to take to prepare their rosters, forms, documents, and other resources for the migration. This type of proactive communication ensures students are prepared for what's to come and are set up for success when their organization information transitions to Engage.


We hope this article provides you helpful examples for marketing your Engage transition and preparing your campus for success. Looking for examples of graphic marketing for migration? Check out our recent feature on Emory University. If you have questions about your personal communication strategy, reach out to your Consultant!

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