We plan to update various admin reports in Engage on or shortly after Monday, October 8th to support new functionality and to better clarify data contained in various reports. This article provides a walkthrough of these changes. 

Event-Related Reports

The first major change you will see is that we are replacing the former Event Approval Requests report with a new Event Submissions report. This new report will include all event submissions related to events that meet the criteria. Therefore, there will no longer be the option to add event submission details to the All Events, Events by Organization, and Events by Category reports to reduce their size and complexity. This change helps to further specify the distinction between event occurrences and event submissions within Engage. 


When you click on the new Event Submissions report, you will be able to select which custom submission data you would like to view, and filter by date. You will also see a new option to either view multiple submission dates for the same event in one row of the report (Condense), or to expand every individual instance into its own row within the export (Expand). 


ALL event-related reports will also get two new data columns. The first will indicate if attendance at the event is eligible to be displayed on the co-curricular transcript with a True or False. The second will show the event access code for the event.


Experience-Related Reports

We will also be making changes to some headings in the User Self-Reported Experiences report as well as the Experience Import template to better describe the data contained in those columns. Previously, the headings included language such as "Last Approved by Username" and "Last Approved Date." The new reports have changed this language to read "Last Decided by" to recognize the decision could have been either an approval or a denial on the part of the administrator. You will see these changes the next time you run this report.


If you have any questions or concerns about these report changes, please feel free to reach out to your consultant to discuss.

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