New to your role as a student leader? We're here to help! In this article, we've provided a list of the resources we think will be most valuable to you as you learn how to navigate Engage and manage your organization's roster, content, registration, and more! Click on any of the links below to view more about a specific topic.

Getting Started 

Introduction to Engage for Students

Organization Tool Menu Walkthrough

Re-registering your Organization

Organization Rosters

Roster Walkthrough

Organization Primary Contacts

Sending a Message as an Organization Leader

Changing Position Holders in your Organization

Removing Members from your Organization

Approving Organization Membership Requests

Inviting New Members to Join an Organization

Creating Positions specific to your Organization

Event Management

Events Walkthrough

Creating a New Event in your Organization

Tracking Event Participation

Organization Content

Changing Visibility Permissions of an Organization's Content

Forms Walkthrough

Documents Overview

News Walkthrough

Changing your Organization's Profile Picture

Additional Organization Tools

Approving Service Hours

Submitting Funding/Purchase Requests for your Organization

Creating an Organization Election


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