This article provides a walkthrough of the service integration with GivePulse for administrators. The GivePulse integration is an additional feature that can be added into your Engage subscription. If you are unsure if you are using GivePulse, or would like to add it to your Engage community, please reach out to your Consultant! If you are not an administrator of your community, please read our article about searching for service opportunities.

Posting Service Opportunities

Service opportunities are posted through GivePulse, by your campus or an affiliate. You can read more about creating service events, projects, and opportunities on GivePulse's support site.

All the opportunities you create in your GivePulse community that are visible to either the public or your campus will be pulled into your Engage community. GivePulse notifies Engage anytime a Service Event is created, updated, or cancelled so that Engage can publish its basic details in the “Service” directory on the Explore area of the site. The data that is transferred is the basic info about the event/opportunity for browsing purposes.


Users can then use GivePulse search filters to help narrow down opportunities they may be interested in. They can search for an opportunity by name, date, or filter by causes, skills, and types. Causes and skills are customizable by the campus through GivePulse, but types are hard-coded, much like Event Themes in Engage.

The Student Experience

When a student clicks on an opportunity in Engage, they are redirected to GivePulse to review more of the details and register for the opportunity. When Engage sends the student to GivePulse, it sends over a special URL including data that assists in the single sign-on process. This allows students to register for the opportunity with one click if they have already logged into Engage and prevents them from having to create a separate GivePulse account.


If you have questions about configuring specific settings for your GivePulse community, we encourage you to visit the GivePulse support site.

Once a student has recorded service "impacts" on GivePulse, those impacts will also be recorded on the student's Co-Curricular Transcript. 


Note that in this organizational view of the Co-Curricular Transcript the student can choose to change the placement of service impacts on their transcript or hide them all together as they can with other Engage experiences. The impact will also display the verification date of the service instance based on GivePulse's records. 


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