When you create your Position Templates, you will see the option to assign each template to a Position Type. In this article, read about the difference between position templates and types and our recommendations for using each.

Position Templates

Position Templates allow administrators a consistent way to track who holds various positions within organizations. Position Templates represent roles like President, Vice-President, Captain, Advisor, or Director. Position templates are managed individually by each administrative branch, allowing branch administrators to create positions that are specific to the organizations they oversee. Position templates also help you control who has varying levels of access to manage an organization.

There are three default position templates in every branch: Member (any user who joins an organization will be assigned this position), Primary Contact, and Organization Created (refers to any position created by the organization). In addition to these three, branch administrators can create an unlimited amount of positions to manage their rosters, hold students accountable, and track leadership development on campus.

Position Types

Each position you create, whether it is a template or an organization-created position, must be associated with a position type. You will have two default position types available in your community: Officers and Members. Position types essentially determine whether a user assigned to that position is listed as an "Officer" or a "Member" on the organization's roster. If you believe the users holding a position should be listed as Officer in their organizations, assign that position to the "Officers" type. These officers are featured on the organization's homepage and in an "Officer" section of the roster. If you place the position in the "Members" type, note that their position title will not show. These positions are often used simply for permissions and messaging. Position templates associated with the "Members" type might include internal committees, new members, or members on probation.


In the Admin view, community administrators have the ability to see these position types. By default, you will see Members and Officers. You can create additional position types to group your templates and identify for each whether they should be listed in the officers section. However, because all positions are ultimately listed as a member or an officer, we generally recommend relying on the pre-populated "Members" and "Officers" types to group your positions.


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