Use the following steps to easily access your form submissions, whether they are in progress, awaiting approval, or already decided upon.

Accessing In-Progress Form Submissions

If you have started a form submission but have not yet completed or submitted it, you can easily resume these submissions. From your community home page, access the Forms Directory by selecting the Forms tab. 


The very first forms listed in the Forms Directory will be forms for which you have already begun a submission. Click "Resume" to continue with your submission, or start a new submission (if allowed by the form settings).


Accessing Pending, Approved, and Denied Form Submissions

There are two ways to access your form submissions that are still awaiting approval or that have been decided upon.

Access Submissions from the Forms Directory

First, you can access your submissions list from the Forms Directory page. At the top right hand corner of the Forms Directory, click the View Submissions button to go to your submissions list.


Access Submissions from the User Drawer

You can get to the same full submissions page by opening up the User Drawer by clicking on your initial or photo in the upper right hand corner. From the menu, select Submissions. 


Read more about how to navigate the Submissions page.

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