Forms in your Engage community are now easier to find than ever with the Forms Directory! You can locate the Forms Directory in the Explore menu from your community home page.


Once you land in the Forms Directory, you will see the ability to search for any form using the search bar in the upper left hand corner. You can search directly using the name of the form, or by the organization that created or shared the form.


The Forms list will first show you any submissions you already have in progress, allowing you to quickly find the forms you have already started and need to complete.


Next, you will see any forms that have been featured by the administrators of your community. These featured forms will appear towards the top of the Forms list with a star to the left of the form. After featured forms, you will see forms shared by organizations you belong to, allowing you to quickly locate the forms that might be most relevant to you.


Resume or start a new submission for the form you are looking for, or visit a comprehensive list of your submissions by clicking "View Submissions" at the top of the directory.


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