With our new Voter Engagement Extension, community administrators in Engage can more easily connect students to voting processes, help students get registered to vote, fill out absentee ballots, and more. This extension is available for both our member campuses in the United States using TurboVote, and to our partners in Canada using Elections Canada.

To enable the voter extension, navigate to the Admin view of your Engage community, select the Configure drop down, and then select Voter Engagement.


For users in the United States, you can enable an extension with TurboVote, where students can receive voter registration and absentee ballot request assistance, and sign up for nonpartisan election reminders. US campuses also have the opportunity to further partner with TurboVote, and you can find out if your campus is already a TurboVote partner directly from the Engage settings page.


Our campuses in Canada can enable an extension with Elections Canada, which helps students update their voter information and get registered to vote.


For both extensions, administrators will see the option to show a link the next time users log into Engage. When this voter engagement extension is enabled and checked, users will be exposed to a pop-up upon their next time logging in to Engage, helping them get connected to voter opportunities. 

2018-06-29_0905.png       VE4.png

Users who click on "Sign Up Now" will be taken to their respective voter engagement tool and provided the opportunity start the process of getting connected!



Elections Canada


As an administrator, you can always "Reset" the voter engagement extension to allow a new pop-up to show up to users, for example in advance of an important election. Simply click "Reset Now" on your Admin settings page and allow for up to 24 hours for this reset to take place.


Note: We store the students' selection from the pop up, but we do not offer reporting on this information at this time. TurboVote stores the data that is filled out on their site. If you want further access to reports and data regarding voter engagement and TurboVote is the extension available to your community, you can partner with TurboVote. You can find a link to information about partnering with TurboVote on the voter extension configuration page in Engage.


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