This year we’re using an Engage site to host content for the Connect conference, including:

  • Session schedule
  • Special announcements
  • Daily recaps
  • Links to session evaluations
  • Your personal event pass, used to check into sessions


To access the Connect 2018 Engage site:

  1. Point your browser to

For exclusive content like announcements and to retrieve your Event Pass follow the steps below.

NOTE: The unique account that has been created for you is maintained in a private Microsoft Azure user directory. If you use Microsoft-based accounts for systems like email on your campus or in your personal life you may want to use a private or incognito browser window to access the Connect 2018 site to make it easier to separate your multiple Microsoft accounts. Otherwise you may need to log out of your other Microsoft account(s) before accessing the Connect 2018 Engage site.

  1. Select “Sign In”
  2. Enter the username that was emailed to you ahead of the conference.
    • This username is unique to Connect and will not match any other usernames you may use on campus.
  3. Enter the temporary password that was emailed to you ahead of the conference
  4. Create your preferred password
    • Make it easy to remember; password reset requires Campus Labs staff to intervene
    • Passwords requirements
      • minimum of 8 characters
      • uppercase letters
      • lowercase letters
      • numbers
  5. Select "Yes" if Microsoft asks if you'd like to save your information for next time. This will set a cookie on your browser that will make it easier to login.
Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
step 2 - tap sign in button step 3 - enter username step 4 - enter temporaty password step 5 - set new password


You can also use the Corq mobile app to access the session schedule and your Event Pass.

  1. Download the Corq mobile app from the iTunes or Android app store
  2. If Connect 2018 is not listed automatically on teh list of nearby campuses, search and select it
  3. Tap “Sign In” and follow the same instructions above (3-5) to create your password and access the app

If you forget your password or have trouble accessing the site please contact our support team or visit the conference info desk on the 6th floor of the Westin for assistance.


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