Welcome to your role as a community administrator! A community administrator is defined as any user who has access to the Admin view when opening up the Engage Switchboard. Community administrative tools allow you to manage users and organizations in your community, export reports, and oversee your community’s involvement. Community admins are also able to see and manage sensitive information about each user in the community. To get started, access your community admin tools by clicking on the Admin view using the Switchboard icon.

There are two types of community administrators in Engage. All-Access Community Administrators have access to every tool in the Admin view and are also able to manage every administrative branch and organization in the community. Limited Community Administrators have access to the Admin view in the Switchboard, but may not see every tool. For example, a limited community admin may only be able to manage one specific dropdown menu, such as users or paths, in the community admin view.

All-Access Community Admin View


Example Limited Community Admin View


Summary: When you click on the Admin view, you will land on your Admin Summary. The Admin Summary gives you a zoomed-out view of everything going on within your community, including organization and user stats and a summary of pending actions. 

Organizations: The Organizations dropdown allows community admins to view a list of all organizations in the community, configure organization categories, and do administrative messaging. A user who has access to the Organizations dropdown is also able to manage all administrative branches and can access the Action Center for any organization or branch. This dropdown also gives users access to organization-related reports.

Events: The Events dropdown allows community admins to see a list of all events, manage event submissions for the community, and configure additional settings such as event additional fields and event categories. This dropdown also gives users access to event-related reports.

Users: The Users tab allows you to manage all of the users within your entire community. Clicking on the name of any user allows administrators to view all profile information about a user, along with their involvement history, paths progress, and CCT. In the users dropdown, you may also find a number of involvement-related settings, including CCT customization and involvement imports, depending on your community access settings.

Elections, Finance, and Paths: Depending on your campus's subscription to Engage and your individual level of user access, you may or may not see three additional dropdown menus representing our Campus-Wide Elections, Finance/Organization Accounting, and Co-Curricular Paths tools. 

Configure: Under Configure, you have the ability to set-up various aspects of your community, including the alerts, reports, site styles and branding, the privacy policy, and data sharing resources. Note that as a limited community administrator, you may only see certain tools in this dropdown based on your level of access.

Learn more about assigning users community administrative access.

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