When it's time to re-register any group of organizations within your community, follow these steps to ensure your process will be set up accurately and appropriately!

STEP ONE: Ensure All Settings are Configured Properly 

Before starting your re-registration process, make sure all of your organization settings are up-to-date and configured as you need them. Check on the following settings:

  • Make sure any organizations that need to have separate registration processes or roster requirements are separated into different organization types 
  • Check your assignment of position templates to organization types to ensure the correct number of required members and/or required positions 
  • Most importantly, check to make sure organizations are in the correct type. If there are any organizations lingering in your “New Organizations” organizations type, you’ll need to move them to another organization type for them to experience re-registration. 

STEP TWO: Create a Re-Registration Process 

You should create a registration process for every term (e.g. year, semester) you need organizations to re-register. This keeps their records separate and memorializes that the organization did complete registration that term. 

STEP THREE: Assign the Re-Registration Process(es) to correct Organization Types 

Next, assign the re-registration process to the organization types that need to re-register.

Once these registrations have been associated with org types, you can instruct students on how to re-register their organizations. 

Registration URLs are unique to each organization and sharing the URL can cause errors if the user is not already logged into Engage. We suggest directing students to go to their Org homepage to start their registration process. If the organization is eligible for registration, they will see the following message:

STEP FOUR: Approving and Denying Submissions 

You can review registration submissions as soon as they start to come in. If you included a roster step in your registration, students added to the roster will receive invites as soon as you approve the registration. These officers and members will need to accept these positions before they can appear on rosters. If students were removed from an organization in the roster step, their memberships will also be end-dated on the date you approve the submission. This allows rosters to be kept up-to-date as the approval process is happening!

If you deny a registration submission, the submitter can edit their submission and retry, or someone else can start a new submission from scratch.  

STEP FIVE: Ongoing Organization Maintenance  

You might find that not all of your organizations successfully re-register. You can quickly check to see which organizations have yet to re-register by pulling the “Registration Progress Report” in the Admin View by selecting the "Configure" drop down and then "Reports." You might choose to change an organization’s status to remove their access to certain tools or hide them from the organization directory while you wait for their re-registration submission.

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