As you get familiar with the new custom notifications feature, here are some examples of ways to utilize this feature to better communicate with your users!

Event Submissions

Event Submission Confirmation

1. "Thank you for submitting your event request form. You will receive a message within 2-3 business days notifying you whether your event has been approved or denied. If your event is set to occur before 3 business days, please reach out to the Student Activities staff via email or visit our office on the top floor of the Union. Your request cannot be guaranteed without 3 business day's notice."

2. "Thank you for your event submission. If you do not receive an email regarding the status of your event submission within three business days, please contact Thanks!"

3. "Hello. Thank you for submitting your event request with the Center for Student Involvement. We will respond to your request within 72 business hours. Please note that submission of your event via this format does not reflect campus approval via the Event Management Form. If you have not reserved space for your event, please do so immediately. If you have any questions about your event or need assistance in planning it, please feel free to stop by CSI on the third floor of the Union."

Event Submission Denied

1. "Your event submission has not been approved. Please contact Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership for more information."

2. "Your event was denied. The Student Activities Office will follow up with instructions to meet and discuss your submission with you shortly."

3. "We're sorry, but your event request has been denied. This could be because the registration form wasn't filled out correctly, some of the information wasn't clear, or the event doesn't comply with our policies. Please stop by the Office of Student Development to talk with us about how to edit your registration so that your event can be approved."

Event Submission Approved

1. "Your event has been approved. Once an Event Submission has been approved, no changes can be made in HometownLife. Request for changes must be sent to All events must be final no later than 2 weeks prior to event.

NOTE: Room assignments are subject to change. If a change is needed, you will be notified."

2. "Thank you for submitting an event request. Congratulations! Your event has been reviewed and approved. Please refer to the Club Handbook regarding existing policies and procedures to be aware of as you continue to coordinate your event. If you have any questions or need additional support planning your event, please contact our office."

Organization Registration Submissions

Organization Registration Submission Confirmation

1. "Thank you for submitting your organization registration request! Next steps in the process include your officers and advisor(s) completing their required forms and our office confirming your officers' semester and cumulative GPAs and class schedules, as well as your advisor's status as a full-time faculty/staff member."

2. "Thank you for your registration submission. Profile updates/registration renewals are reviewed daily, Monday through Friday. Once reviewed and approved by the Office of Student Involvement, the updated profile information will be reflected.

Questions? Contact Student Involvement at"

Organization Registration Denied

1. "Thank you for your registration request. At this time, your Register New Organization Form has been denied. Please see comments below for details. If you have questions, please contact Amanda Mintz, Director of the Center for Student Life, at"

2. "Your submission cannot be approved at this time. Please review your registration to ensure that all required information has been correctly submitted. For questions please contact the Center for Service, Involvement, and Leadership at"

Organization Registration Approved

1. "Congrats! Your organization has completed the registration process and is now a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at Hometown University. As an RSO, you are now eligible for several benefits at Hometown, including possible future funding and the opportunity to reserve meeting room space on campus."

2. "Your Organization submission has been approved! You now have access to the benefits of being a registered organization including but not limited to:

Accessing your SGA Budget
Room Reservations
Hosting and Advertising Events

Please be sure keep your organization site active with pictures, events, and updated information to keep the community informed of all the great things your organization is doing and to recruit new members!"


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