The Custom Branch Notifications feature in Engage allows branch administrators to script various messages that are sent from the system regarding forms, event submissions and organization registrations. You can create your own custom messages for each time a various submissions are submitted, approved and denied, allowing you to provide additional context or information to your users. You might use these custom messages to include information about next steps once an organization is approved, or to provide contact information for your office so users can follow up on denied events.

To configure notifications for a branch, navigate to the Manage View and select the administrative branch. Under "Branch Tools," select the Notifications button.

Available Notifications

The following notifications can be configured at the branch level:

Event submissions:

  • "Event Change Request State Changed" - Sent when an Event Change Request is either approved or denied
  • "Event Submission Approved" - Sent when an event submission has been approved
  • "Event Submission Denied" - Sent when an event submission has been denied
  • "Event Submission Confirmation" - Sent to the submitter to confirm receipt of an event submission
  • "Event Submission Reviewer Notification" - Sent to reviewers when an event submission is submitted

Form submissions:

Note that for form notifications, you are writing the notifications sent for ALL form submissions within the branch and organizations housed within the branch and at this time cannot personalize responses for individual forms.

  •  "Form Submission Confirmation" - Sent to the submitter to confirm receipt of a form submission
  • "Form Submission Approved" - Sent to submitter when a form submission is approved
  • "Form Submission Denied" - Sent to submitter when a form submission is denied
  • "Form Submission Reviewer Notification" - Sent to reviewers when a form submission is submitted

Registration submissions:

  • "Organization Registration Approved" - Sent when an organization registration is approved
  • "Organization Registration Denied" - Sent when a registration submission is denied
  • "Organization Registration Submission Confirmation" - Sent to the submitter to confirm receipt of an organization registration submission
  • "Organization Registration Admin Notification" - Sent to branch administrators when a registration has been submitted and needs review

Editing Notifications

To edit a notification, click on the name of the notification.

You will be taken to a page where you can script the email notification sent to users. Switch to edit the System Inbox version (the notification delivered to the user's User Drawer in Engage) by selecting System at the top of the editing area. Keep in mind that students may choose to opt out of one or both types of notifications: therefore, we recommend communicating important information in both types of notifications.

Now, it's time to script your notification! By default, you will be shown the standardized message that will be sent by default if you choose not to further configure the notification. Remember that once you change this default notification, you cannot restore the original text. For each notification, you can write both the subject line and the content, divided into two sections: Heading Content and Body Content. Utilize the rich text editor to add emphasis to your text or to even provide a hyperlink to an additional set of instructions or outside resource. 

Notice the "Fields" section, where you can review number of placeholder fields. Include the placeholder (e.g. "{{Event Name}}" in the body of your notification message for it to automatically be completed for each individual submission (e.g. {{Event Name}} might become Dance Marathon or Homecoming Parade). 

Remember that in most cases, you can also personalize comments to be sent with individual submissions when you approve or deny them, which you can include in your custom message by incorporating the {{Comments}} placeholder field.

When you are done editing your notification, click "Save" at the bottom of the content editor. You will then be able to preview your notification on the right hand side of the screen. Note that the action buttons on the notification, such as "View Submission" or "View Event" are not customizable.


View examples of how you might configure your custom notifications.


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