The Organization Accounting tool enables campuses to manage your organizations' purchase and funding requests within Engage. This feature is designed to be flexible with many user-based options. It will adapt to a variety of finance procedures and is powerful enough to replace traditional methods of manual record keeping. To begin exploring the feature, sign in to your campus’s Engage site and navigate to the Admin View by clicking on the Switchboard icon.


The first step is is create your accounts. Accounts are directly linked to each organization, and an organization may have more than one account. You can also designate if an account is a general ledger, or link it to another existing account. All requests and transactions must be associated with an account. Enter the name and a brief description of the account. Next, identify the unique External ID that will directly associate any imported transactions with this account. Then, choose which organization the account should be assigned to. You can choose this from the box listed below, searching by the first letter of the organization. Indicate if the new account is a General Ledger account, meaning that other accounts will pull from this one. “No” is selected by default. Identify the Parent Account by typing characters in the name of the account and then select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu, if applicable. Finally, click Create to create the account.



As an administrator, you will have the ability to create the following to include in your finance processes. Click the name of the tool to learn more about its configuration:

Finance Categories  Track how money is being spent
Finance Types  Describe the method in which requests are paid
Finance Stages  Allows you to setup a workflow to mirror your approval process

Managing Incoming Requests

As an administrative reviewer, you can manage incoming requests by going to your Admin view, selecting the Finance dropdown, and clicking the Requests List


This will show you a list of your requests and details about each, including the subject, amount, type, status, organization, and the current stage of review. You can filter by type (funding or purchase) and by stage. To review a finance request, select the magnifying glass icon to the far right of the request. You will be taken to the request details where you can review the basic details and any additional fields you have requested be completed. At the bottom, you can review the "Stage History" which shows you which reviewers have seen the request, the date of their review, and any comments they left.



Once a request has been approved, a transaction must be associated with it in order for the amounts to update accordingly. You can create a deposit, payment, transfer, or allocation based on the type of request made. 

Creating a transaction tied to a request

Transactions can be created immediately following the request approval; buttons will display at the top of the page for the appropriate type of transaction based on the request. These buttons will only appear on Funding Requests that are Completed or Purchase Requests which have been Approved. You can also access the approved or completed request by selecting Request List and then All Requests.



For Funding Requests, you will see the option for Deposit or Allocate transactions. For Purchase Requests, you will see the option for Payment or Transfer transactions. If you are creating the transaction from the request page, simply click on the appropriate button at the top of the approved request page.



For more information on how to create your Organization Accounting processes, please join us for one of our trainings!

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