The Co-hosted events feature is here! Watch a quick video of how the feature works, or read the walkthrough provided below.

Explore View of Co-hosted Events

When you navigate to the Events List in the Explore View of your community, you will see that event cards have now been updated to designate when events are co-hosted. If the event is hosted by more than one organization, the number of hosting organizations will be listed directly on the card. 


In the full event details, all hosts will now be listed under "Host Organizations" for co-hosted events.


Creating a Co-hosted Event

Creating a co-hosted event is simple and the process beings just like any other event submission! Navigate to the Manage view for the organization that will be submitting the request. Note that only event managers from the submitting organization will be able to manage the event, so be sure to select the submitting organization wisely!

When you go to create the event, you will see a new field allowing you to select additional organizations co-hosting the event. Begin typing the name of a co-host and all available organizations will populate. Select the organization to add it as a co-host.


If the event is co-hosted, you will also see updates to the visibility options for events. Under the "Show to" option, the "organization members" option will appear as "members of all hosting organizations." This indicates the event will appear on the event listing for each co-hosting organization and only active members of those organizations will have access to the event.




Proceed with the remainder of the event submission as usual and submit when complete.

Reviewing a Co-hosted Event 

Co-hosting organization reviewers

The Primary Contact of each co-hosting organization is automatically added to the submission as a non-voting reviewer. This allows a contact from each co-hosting organization to communicate with other reviewers and administrators in the process via the Discussion wall on the submission page. These organization primary contacts will receive notifications upon submission of event submissions for which their organization has been identified as a co-host.


General event reviewers & approvers

Event reviewers and approvers will see updates to the submission screen for events. When you navigate to an event submission, all co-hosting organizations will be listed in the basic details for the event, along with the name of the primary contact for each of those organizations.

General event reviewers will review co-hosted events without changes to their process. Approvers will see the ability to remove co-host organizations and non-voting co-host reviewers from the process. In the event that an organization does not want to be associated with the event, approvers can easily remove the organization and/or the co-host primary contact from the submission by clicking on the trash can icon.


Managing a Co-hosted Event

Once a co-hosted event has been approved, all hosting organizations will see the event on the Manage Events screen within the organization's Action Center. The submitting organization will have the responsibility of managing the event, including managing invitations, submitting change requests, and having access to the "track participation" screen. The submitting organization can always share the event access code with co-hosting organizations so that all organizations can participate in attendance tracking tasks.

Other co-hosting organizations will be able to see these events in their events list as well, but with a note about where the event is being managed. These organizations can only view the Explore page for the event by clicking the "View in Explore" icon under "Action."


Additional Considerations

The new co-hosted events feature brings up some considerations for other settings you may have configured in the community. These are listed below:

  • You may have configured certain organization types to have their events automatically approved in the organization type settings. For co-hosted events, auto-approve settings will always honor the settings assigned to the submitting organization. Therefore, if the submitting organization of a co-hosted event has auto-approved events, the event will be automatically approved, regardless of the settings for co-hosts.
  • If an organization is set to the Frozen or Locked status or is hidden from the organization directory, co-hosted events will honor these settings and will not list these organizations as co-hosts on public pages. They will still be listed as co-hosts in the Manage view.
  • Event-related reports have been updated to include information about co-hosts.
    • All event-related reports now contain columns for both "Submitter Organization" and "Hosts."
    • The "Event by Organization" report now allows you to select if you would like the report to include events in which that organization was a co-host.
  • We’ve created new versions of the campus and organization public RSS and iCal feeds that are better aligned with the latest h-event and iCal specifications and that include new fields that enumerate the multiple hosts for an event. These new feeds are now the advertised feeds via the user interface of the application. The previously advertised feeds are still available to ensure that this update does not interfere with current integrations. The previously advertised feeds will be retired after 30 June 2018. Please update your consuming application with the new feed URLs, which are available to community administrators via the “Data Sharing” page in the Administration view of the site.
  • A new field is available via API offered by the application labeled “Hosts” which will list all of the co-hosting organizations for the event. This new field will require alteration of the consuming application in order to take advantage of the additional data.
  • Corq will be updated soon to include co-hosts, pending approval from the app stores.


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