For many campuses, Student Government is an essential pillar of the organization management process. Using Engage, Student Government can streamline their processes to improve efficiency and free up more time to lead and innovate. Read on to learn how our campuses are leveraging Engage to support Student Government initiatives. 

Sharing Content 

Whether or not Student Government has its own administrative branch, the association can still take great advantage of utilizing an organization page within Engage to promote its content and information. The organization page can have a powerful web presence, hosting resources such as: 

  • Gallery photos of important campus events and traditions 
  • Roster displaying the photos and optional contact information for each student leader 
  • Documentation on policies and/or instructions 
  • Forms personalizedby skip logic and access permissions 
  • News posts celebrating successes and new ventures, shared with the entire campus community 


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Secure Elections 

Our Elections tool ensures a truly anonymous voting process, in which even election administrators are not able to see who voted for which candidate. Elections can have multiple ballots streamlined into a single form, and an individual user's access can be limited to specific ballots within one election. For instance, you might want to create a ballot for your First Year Representative and configure the election so that only first year students can participate. Instead of creating separate forms that run the risk of being attached to student accounts and are tedious for administrators to manage, Engage Elections allow for a more streamlined and trustworthy process.

Elections can also be used for other types of polling as well! Consider using elections to vote for guest speakers and artists, class t-shirts, constitution approvals, and more. The Elections tool allows SGA leaders to proactively gain input and information from students campus-wide in an accessible and convenient way. 

Collaborate on Budgets 

Student Government can utilize our Organization Accounting and Budgeting tools to ensure transparency with organizations throughout the budget request and spending processes. With our finance tools, you can: 

  • Create a workflow to organize your budget and funding request process
  • Manage allocation and fundraising accounts so that organization officers can easily check their balance online and make better purchasing decisions
  • Communicate the status of purchase and funding requests with students

Manage Organizations 

If your Student Government area is tasked with the responsibility of monitoring the organization recognition and/or registration process, they might benefit from having their own Administrative Branch in the Engage community. An individual branch would allow Student Government leaders to oversee only the organizations held under their constitution, rather than all organizations in the community or organizations overseen by other departments. Student Government can then create custom registration and event submission processes for its organizations and utilize selective administrative oversight for these processes. 

Support Student Involvement 

Some Student Government Associations support more general student involvement by designing a co-curricular path that demonstrates fun ways to get involved across campus. These paths are often incentivized with raffles and prizes. Other Student Government organizations work closely with their organization officers on attendance tracking and roster management initiatives to support seamless organization transitions. Read about one of our favorite initiatives from the University of New Haven!

Whatever the goals of your organization or association, Engage can help you streamline your processes and make your communication, transitions, and processes more efficient!

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