Beginning with version 1.1.1 (early February 2018), the Corq mobile app supports the ability to be launched from a specific URL from another mobile application. This update allows members to create a more seamless user experience between various campus mobile apps.

The direct link can be used to direct students into Corq from LMS and broader campus mobile experiences. It can also be built into web buttons that can launch the app from a mobile web browser.

Add link to web apps or hyperlinks

To construct the link, use the following URL convention:



https://[campusDomain] for members who are using our Canadian hosting environment.

The quickest way to verify that a link works is to do the following:

  1. Make sure you download the latest version of Corq on a mobile device.
  2. Open up a notes application. Type in the constructed URL in a note.
  3. For iOS, long tap on the URL. It should bring up an action sheet with options like Copy, Open in Safari, etc. If the link is valid, then you should see an option to Open in "Corq". For Android, you should be able to tap on the link. If the link displays an "Open" action. Tap on the "Open" option, and you should see a second prompt to "Open with Corq" action.

If you cannot get the link to work, please contact our support team as some campuses may require additional assistance based on specific domain configurations.

Building native apps

If you are building a native iOS or Android app, please read the documentation on how to implement the direct links in your code.

iOS Universal Links

Android App Links

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