At CU Denver, the Event Check-in App has been utilized to track attendance at various types of events, including New Student Convocation, leadership conferences, student staff retreats, tabling fairs, student government meetings, and other events hosted by departments and/or student organizations. In this article, we provide some of CU Denver's fantastic resources that you can adapt for your campus to help onboard your students and staff and increase ECIA adoption!

To proactively address student concerns or uncertainty about using the app, CU Denver has employed the following strategies:

  • Displaying instructions for locating the Event Pass on screens or boards as students walk into an event
  • Emailing instructions on locating the Event Pass to students who register/RSVP for an event where the app will be utilized
  • Providing a printout with instructions on how to find the Event Pass

Instructional Materials

We love the instructional materials CU Denver created to provide instructions for both students accessing event passes as well as hosts who will be using the app. View these graphics below, or download them here

MYLYNX_ECIA_-_Students.png  MY_LYNX_-_ECIA_HOSTS.png

Monthly Adoption Emails

Throughout the semester, CU Denver sends monthly MyLynx Tips to student organization leaders. Their first MyLynx Tip of the fall semester was focused on the event check-in app and included clear and easy to understand language regarding using the application. Download their email and consider utilizing similar language to communicate information about the app to your users!

Thank you to the University of Colorado Denver for sharing their great work with our member campus community!

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