The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on 5/6/16

New Features

Roster Step Updates

We've improved the roster step in organization registration so that its easier for students to understand campus requirements and manage the roster from a single area of the page. This update include three improvements:

1.       More logical layout
2.       Edit positions from the roster table in a similar way to the Manage Roster
          page in an organization (in addition to the form-based mechanism on the page)
3.       A replication of the requirements checklist at the bottom of the page

Accessibility Improvements
Based on campus-feedback we've made some adjustments to the system that will help users that use screenreaders and other assistive devices more easily navigate the pages of the site. Visually, we've increased the contrast ration between the background and text of action buttons.
Corq Branding
We've freshened the branding for the Corq mobile application a bit for clarity and legal considerations.
* Corq is currently not available in Canada
Maintenance Updates
  • Increased reliability of automated user import process
  • Ensured that orgs cannot be assigned to closed organization types
  • Affirmed that a user's default curriculum is presented as the first option in drop-down selectors
  • Corrected an issue that presented inaccurate timezone information on organization comments
  • Fixed issue preventing character counters to not work
  • Adjusted event RSS feed to be more in line with RSS standards
  • Performance and security improvements
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