The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system between 1/11/16 and 1/18/16

New Features

Student Support Experience
We created a new support page for students to help get quick answers to trending support questions. The full support site is still available, providing support videos and documentation in more detail, but this new experience serves as a starting point for students on campus who are not yet involved.
iCal Feed Event Status Update
Events displayed through the iCal feed now convey updated event status, which allows for campuses using the feed to service an application or service that displays event information to maintain real time updates for canceled or modified events.
Maintenance Updates
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused organizations in the hidden organization type to display in the directory category filter.
  • Removed archived users from showing up in the Admin Event Reviewer list.
  • Fixed a problem with organization categories failing to be deleted.
  • Added an enhancement to prevent event submissions from submitting more than once.
  • Added an enhancement to prevent event approvals from being approved more than once.
  •  Fixed an issue that caused an Organization Position change from Limited Access to No Access to not take effect in the permission settings.
  • Increased the response time for the Account Tree in Finance.
  • Resolved an issue that caused an event attendance curriculum item to not show in the correct time zone when selected as part of the completion criteria.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users with Roster Full access to see things they can't do in the site Position although they couldn't interact with them.
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