The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system between 11/16/15 and 11/20/15

New Features

Organization Roster Privacy Settings
An enhancement has been made to the Organization Roster Setting section on the student-facing side of the site in order to highlight membership positions with undecided privacy settings. No members of any organization will ever be shown to the public, however it is possible for Administrators to show the roster to the campus community (logged-in users) before the organization member has selected their privacy settings; to learn more, read the release notes here.
Corq Smart App Banner For Android & iOS
For campuses using Corq, we're excited to announce a new feature that will help promote Corq usage among students. When visiting the site from an iOS or Android mobile device, a smart app banner will appear notifying users to download Corq (or if they already have the application, to open it). To reiterate, only campuses that have requested Corq to be turned on will have the smart app banner on their site.
Where Is My Roster?
User privacy is very important to us. A few weeks ago we released an update that allows Administrators to control Organization Type Privacy Settings to the campus community and public; to learn more, read the release notes here. The visibility of individual members on the roster, however, ultimately depends on each member's user privacy selection; students who chose to be hidden will be excluded. As such, given that the visibility of members will vary from organization to organization, we have updated the roster section with messaging to convey its' roster privacy status.
In this example the organization has 4 total members, three of which have selected to remain hidden.
Organization List Filter
Organizations can now be filtered by Active, Inactive, Frozen, Locked and All using a dropdown menu. The default setting is to list "Active" organizations.
Maintenance Updates
  • Removed archived users from showing up under Curriculum Item Credit
  • Fixed a typo in the SMS test message
  • Fixed an accessibility issue on the Create Event page that was causing the copy and cut text editor tools not to work properly.
  • Removed deleted membership positions from showing up on the organization roster page.
  • Resolved a problem that caused some email addresses not to show on the Attendance Report export.
  • Performance and security improvements
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