The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system between 10/9/15 and 10/22/15

New Features

Organization Type Privacy Settings
With this feature enhancement, we've simplified control over privacy settings for administrators. Using new checkboxes in the Organization Type settings page, administrators can now control the default display of officers or members on an organization's roster for the public or campus community.
By default, members and officers will not be shown on an organization's roster. 
Regardless of the org type settings, at no time will a student be publicly displayed on a roster without their express consent.
"Show To Logged In Users By Default" will display the selected position, either member, officer, or both, to the campus community prior to their roster privacy determination.
Expose RSVP Button To Public
It's now easier for students who are not logged in navigate to an event details page and RSVP for a public event. Previously only logged in students were shown the RSVP button, so improving this user experience will make it easier to navigate and RSVP to campus events from either side of authentication in the site.
Preferred First Name
We have expanded the locations that a student's preferred first name is displayed in the system. Students are now able to control how they are presented on rosters, event RSVPs, attendance lists and the community directory. Please note that the administrative view and reporting of students by legal name remains unchanged.
Privacy Statement Availability
Campuses can now create customized privacy statements to be shown on a dedicated privacy page that is accessible in the footer from every page on the site, located here: <campusname>

Maintenance Updates

  • Added "username" column to administrative form export .csv file
  • Improved ability to re-order ballots for an election
  • Added position template deletion safety check
  • Improved Corq login experience
  • Reconciled event approval requests and admin event list discrepancy
  • Performance and security improvements
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