The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 7/20/15

New Features

In addition to the following release notes we've recorded visual tours of the new design that demonstrate the system in action.

Brief Preview | Administrator Tour | Student Tour

Public User Interface 

With the goal of encouraging more public users to log into the site we've redesigned the public experience to illuminate involvement opportunities in a highly graphical way and offer many opportunities to log into the site.

Student-facing User Interface

Based on usage tracking, observation, and student focus groups we've re-imagined the student-facing interface to make it easier for students and student-leaders to access and navigate to their engagement information.


Based on campus feedback we've added a new search feature that helps users find organizations, events, and news articles that align with topics of their interest.

Mobile Responsiveness

Our team has diligently redesigned the system to responsively adjust to many display sizes.  From large desktop monitors, to tablets, to smartphones the system allows users to access all major elements.

Event Pages

Throughout the design process, we paid special attention to the event submission and presentation elements of the system to make it easier for student leaders to submit and promote their events.

Opportunity Board

We've added new functionality to the visual event board that will ensure that it will never be displayed in an empty state.  We've also created a new way to adjust and embed the Opportunity Board on your external websites.

Cover Photos

Replacing header images and flyers, we've added the ability to upload large, high quality images into the system to promote and decorate the site in line with campus design conventions.  We've enabled a cropping and image preview experience for student organization leaders who upload organization cover photos and event cover photos.


Additional Design Updates

  • Cleaned up the form-building editor to make it easier to build forms with less navigation
  • Merged "profile" and "settings" elements of the user account for a simplified user setting process
  • Made it easier to grab the RSS and iCal feeds for public events
  • Replaced custom fonts with font themes to ensure readability and accessibility of displayed text
  • Added an Accent Color to help campuses further brand the system with a campus color
  • Enabled event theme filtering on event directory pages
  • Replaced default event icon with a theme-based icon and color combination
  • Adjusted the event location submission process to encourage more precise mapping of event locations
  • Various usability enhancements to photo galleries, social media integrations, organizational walls, and other smaller elements
  • Simplified campus branding configuration
  • Reduced number of available, active system-wide alerts from five (5) to three (3)
  • Decluttered top menu bar with reduced menu items
  • Simplified and reduced white-space on curriculum menu and mapping pages
  • Re-wrote error and warning messages to be friendlier and more helpful

Maintenance Updates

  • Returned ability to obtain full document URLs for sharing purposes outside of the system
  • Remedied an issue that prevented Corq from displaying event details for a small subset of mobile device configurations
  • Infrastructure improvements enabling better image display performance
  • Performance and security improvements
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