Occasionally, you may need to go back and review the submission to an event that you or others created. If your event submission is in Started, Approved, or Denied status, you can make any edits to the details of your event or any additional information that your campus requested from you, however changes you make to a Approved or Denied event may require an additional approval from a campus administrator. You will receive a notification in your messages inbox once your event has been approved or denied. There are two different ways to approach this, as outlined below.

Viewing the submission from your User Drawer

This method is only possible if you were the creator of an event. After clicking on your initial or photo in the upper right corner, select Submissions. Then click on the Events tab.


From here, you can click on the title of any event submission to view the details and forms submissions associated with it. Click on the page you would like to view or click on the first page of your event submission, after which you can use the Previous and Next buttons to go back or advance through the pages of the submission.

If you're making edits, when finished, click the Resubmit button on the Review Event Submission page and your event request will be resubmitted with your applied edits.

Viewing the submission of an approved event from the event details

You can view an approved or cancelled event's details if you are an officer with Events management access in the organization the event was created in. First, go to the event in question and view the public event details page. If you are able to manage the event, you will see a Manage Event button at the top of the event details page.


From there, you should see a View Submissions button that will take you to each submission for the event as applicable.


Learn more about how to edit or make changes to an event submission.

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