Engage has a feature called the "Opportunity Wall", an embeddable widget that a campus can put on their own external website with minimal HTML experience. The Opportunity Wall pulls a listing of upcoming events, giving visitors of your webpage easy access to details and information about events they might be interested in attending. After upcoming events are displayed, the Opportunity Wall also displays quick links to Organizations users might like to join.

To view the Opportunity Wall, go to the Admin view of your community, select the Configure dropdown, and then select "Data Sharing." Scroll down to see and configure the Opportunity Wall. You may choose to resize it, and from there you can access the embed code.


When viewing the Opportunity Wall, hover over any event to see the basic event details, such as date, time, location, and event theme. Clicking on an event allows you to see additional details about the event and RSVP. Click on the white arrows on the sides of the Opportunity Wall to scroll through additional events and organizations on campus. Clicking on an event will take you directly to the event's details. Keep in mind that the Opportunity Wall only shows events that have been marked as Public or community-wide, so you will not see events that are privately created for a specific organization.

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