Searching for events to attend is simple in Engage! First you'll want to log in to your campus's site - this will allow you to see a full list of events. On your log in page, you will see upcoming public events from organizations across campus as well as a section for events for which you have personally RSVP'd.  

To see a complete list of events, click on the Events tab on the top of your screen. By default, the current week's events will be displayed, but you can click on any date on the calendar on the left side of the page to jump to a different week.

To view events more specific to your interests, you can also filter by categories, themes and perks to narrow down your search. Event Categories are created specifically for your campus and allow you to search for events that fall under a certain area of interest you might hold. Themes are more general, such as Arts, Learning, Social, or Cultural. Filtering by Perks allows you to see events that have free food, free stuff, or the option to receive class credit. 

a screenshot of the public Event Directory with the Theme, Category, and Perk filters highlighted

If your campus has more than one Administrative Branch, you will also see the ability to filter based on which branch certain organizations are a part of. For example, you may be able to filter between events hosted by organizations that fall under the department of Student Involvement, Greek Life, or Residence Life.

Clicking on the name of event will take you to the event's details where you can see the date, time, location and additional information about the event and RSVP.

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