The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 3/17/15

New Features

Document Folders

Based on popular feedback we've added folders to the documents section for each organization.  Folders help organize files and keep things tidy.


CCT Customization & Export Options

There are a lot of ways to generate a co-curricular transcript via the system, and we've made it a little easier to understand in the user interface. We also added the ability to export the CCT to the .doc file extension.

Maintenance Updates

  • Changed default geolocation for events from user's location to campus location for better accuracy when user skips pinpointing process
  • Added "export to Word" option under custom view of CCT on admin interface
  • Enhanced date pickers for non-US English language users
  • Corrected an issue where category filters did not bring back correct events when large numbers of events were displayed on the calendar view of events
  • Reduced maximum input rate for swiping from 1/sec to 4/sec
  • Performance and security improvements
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