­Corq enables your students to find all the details of what’s going on within your campus community, right from their mobile devices! In this article, we highlight examples and ideas from member campuses who have shown strong usage and adoption of Corq. In addition, we provide pre-created icons, ads, and flyers related to Corq you are more than welcome to utilize or incorporate into your own material. Icons can be found in the marketing folder on corqapp.com by clicking “Marketing Kit” at the bottom of the page.

Incentive-Based Programs

Duquesne University:

Each fall and spring at the Duquesne EXPO, the university's activities fair, the Center for Student Involvement sets up a prize wheel. Students simply show a staff member they’ve downloaded the Corq app in order to spin the wheel. They offer a variety of swag items as prizes, including Duquesne t-shirts, water bottles, ID Holders, $5 Gift Cards, and Duquesne sunglasses, to name a few. At the Fall 2017 EXPO, an estimated 200-300 students participated in downloading Corq and spinning the wheel! 

Each winter, the Center for Student Involvement sets up a Christmas tree, and decorates it with “Corq” ornaments.  An e-mail is sent to all students, asking them to stop by the office, show a staff member they have downloaded the app, and pick an ornament from the tree. Each ornament has a different colored sticker corresponding to a different prize. Prizes include Duquesne-themed t-shirts, water bottles, $5 Starbucks Gift Cards, etc., and each prize is wrapped thematically for the holidays!


Marketing and Promotional Items

University of Wyoming:

The University of Wyoming creates a new campaign each year, incorporating Corq marketing on their materials. As you can see, marketing Engage on campus includes marketing Corq, showing students and users that these two applications can and should be used hand-in-hand. 



Duquesne University:

At new student information events throughout the year, the Center for Student Involvement passes out a brochure that highlights the different areas of the office. On the back, you’ll see a promotion for Corq. They also distribute a wallet card with important numbers, and on the flip side is a promotion for Corq.

In the photo below, you’ll also see a blue ID Holder – Duquesne includes these is the welcome bags that each new student receives at Orientation. Typically, between 1500-1700 students receive these ID Holders. The Water bottle is a promotional item they passed out at various events last year.


Adelphi University:

Adelphi University also adopted the "FOMO" concept, creating incredible marketing materials surrounding use of Corq! They also created fun and interactive postings for their Instagram account which reaches a wider group of students.

corq-add-1-4_orig.jpg  corq-poster.jpg


Utilizing Corq for Orientation

SUNY Oneonta and Amherst College have each done an exceptional job of weaving usage of Corq into their orientation activities, ensuring every new student is exposed to the app before classes even begin! 

SUNY Oneonta:

In addition to providing a printed schedule of events, Oneonta uses Corq to guide students through their individual orientation activities. Using their Engage system, administrators create hidden orientation organization sites and use involvement imports to place students in their groups. Within each organization, admins then create events that are only visible to that specific group.


This method allows students to use Corq for an individualized orientation schedule. The following photo shows a mock-up of what the app might look like from a student perspective - notice how the event listing is personalized to the user's individual orientation group.



Amherst College:

Similarly, Amherst College puts the entire orientation schedule into Engage, which when accessed through Corq allows all students to see the entire schedule. According to our download statistics, Amherst had a massive boost in Corq usage when they began using the application for Orientation purposes in 2016.

Amherst also produced lawn signs for both Corq and The Hub, their Engage community, to be showcased around campus during orientation. Because of these signs, most students were aware of Corq before it was even brought up in an orientation session.

corq_yardsign_2.png    corq_yardsign_1.png

"Using Engage and Corq for our Orientation schedule has been a real game changer. It has allowed us to expose the programs to a critical mass of students in a very easy way with minimal marketing on our end." - Emily Lombardo, Assistant Director of Student Activities at Amherst 

Starting Small: A Spotlight on Adelphi University

At Adelphi University, using Corq started small but has quickly turned into a common practice on campus! In January of 2018, Corq was not an initiative at Adelphi. A student worker had the idea to begin using Corq and implemented a marketing campaign using ads (shown above) and a small giveaway to introduce the app to campus life. As numbers continued to grow, they decided to implement Corq as a part of orientation, where they saw an immense increase in downloads. Orientation leaders were trained to teach incoming students about downloading Corq to access their orientation schedules. During the orientation months, nearly 1000 students downloaded Corq - almost the size of their entire incoming class! 

Corq was also advertised to student leaders as a way to promote additional exposure for their events. The office housed trainings specific for student leaders about marketing events through Corq, incorporating their own best-practice advice on ways to name and tag events so that they are more likely to be found through the app. In the table below, you can see how Adelphi's Corq download numbers grew steadily throughout the year and skyrocketed during the summer months from orientation and training!

January 56
February 144
March 174
April 191
May 194
June 197
July 653
August 1165
September 1365


We find Adelphi's story encouraging. If you're not sure where to begin, start small! You can begin by adopting and implementing just one idea from this article, such as a giveaway or an ad campaign, and work your way toward more widespread implementation.

If you have questions about any strategies you might be considering, don't hesitate to chat with your Consultant!

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