The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 2/3/15


New Features

Message relays

Based on feedback and user testing we're excited to release message relays for administrators, which enable fully-featured sending of rich-text email messages to large groups of system users.  This feature makes it easy for admins to craft a great looking message to sub populations of users using their preferred email software. An organization leader version of this feature will be released soon.



Our design team has created a quick list of good email design tips to use with the relay feature.

Curriculum item retention mode selector

We've added a new mode selector to the curriculum creation process to clarify how the system will handle credit retention when criteria is changed.  This helps curriculum builders be more confident in their selection.  Once saved the mode can only be changed by Campus Labs staff as a precaution against over-processing the curriculum.


iCal feeds

You'll notice a new calendar icon next to the RSS icon on both the campus-wide event listing page as-well-as the organization event listing page.  These icons represent ical feeds for the respective lists.  ical feeds are a common way for events to be displayed in third-party calendar systems.

Co-curricular transcript export to Word

Campuses who desire specific formatting of official co-curricular transcripts we've added an export to Microsoft Word which allows for a vast array of formatting options.

Exclude position templates from co-curricular transcripts

We've added a feature that allows administrators to identify specific position templates that should be hidden from the co-curricular transcript by default on the administrative view of the record. This feature allows for positions like "member" or "primary contact" to be additionally validated before being added to an official printing of the CCT.


Maintenance Updates

  • Corrected an issue that prevented event certificates from being printed
  • Re-arranged org registration exports to correct column header order
  • Addressed a problem with some file formats that created dead links to event flyers
  • Added validation to the curriculum item selection list when adding events to curriculum from the event edit page to reduce chance of misapplied credit
  • Fixed an errant re-direct from Campus Labs landing page that required users to login twice
  • Performance and security improvements
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