The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system over the summer of 2014


New Features

Event submission form

We've made several updates to the event submission form in order to prepare for our mobile application. Including the addition of Event Themes, Pinpoint Event Location selection, and soon to be released Perks.  Each of these new data elements will help the mobile application give students better and more accurate information about the events that they are interested in.  

Curriculum infrastructure improvements

We've made some behind-the-scenes improvements to the way that curriculums are processed to include support for the creative ways in which some members have found to use the structure.  Including better support for consecutive and accumulating event attendance-based curriculum strategies. Specifically we reduced the processing load of curriculum items that are built on the notion that a student must attended a series of events within the same category to obtain credit. 

Another improvement ensures quicker processing of curriculum item groups when the curriculum is set to grant credit for one item at a time.

These improvements do not require any additional configuration to take advantage of.

Campus Labs navigation bar

We've improved the black navigation bar on the top of the administrative areas of the site to match and support upcoming improvements in the way that campuses who use multiple products form Campus Labs can navigate back-and-forth between products.

Additional swipe tracking support

We worked with member campuses who use the SwipeTrack suite of software and hardware to ensure that the new swipe tracking page supported their environment. This work led to updates in some of the underpinning technologies of the event attendance collection features for a smoother workflow.


Maintenance Updates

  • Corrected an issue where organization walls did not show more than 15 posts
  • Enabled the memberships tab under users > membership to show "orphaned" memberships and offer mechanisms to correct such an issue
  • Performance and security improvements
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